Extend your Innovations

Our team is available to analyse, perform prior art searches, draft and file patents and provisional patent applications. We have experienced team handling different type of innovations, from industrial to technology platforms and mobile Apps…

We provide insightful consultations, expertise and services in all areas of intellectual property law. Our Firm provides a wide range of IP services, including trademarks, design, patent, PCT national phase, copyright, domain names, and franchising.

Our services are not limited to registration, renewal, assignment and drafting agreements, we have the experience to serve our clients in arbitration, and litigation. To defend them and protect their IPR in counterfeiting and piracy cases.

We have partnerships with many firms all over the world and can provide IP services throughout the Arab countries and the world.
We provide our clients with search service, investigation, and watch service for their trademarks, designs and other IP rights.

We assist our clients in producing a comprehensive brand management strategy which ensures the most efficient and productive use of their corporate assets.

Trade Marks